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Our people have been mostly reluctant to pose for photo’s, but we did manage to snap a shot of our hard working


Vice President of Rodent Control (Ret.) - Tigger Lawrence

Meet Sara


Sara is our new Sales and Marketing Intern.  Sara is busy learning the business “from the dirt up”, as she puts it.  She finds watering the olive trees to be a particularly relaxing job.

Meet David


David is our new, ummm, well, we are not quite sure!  His favorite quote: “There are no ‘problems’, only opportunities!”.  Keep repeating that like we told you to, David, just keep repeating that...

Think global - buy local.

Oregon Olives

Oregon Olive Oil

Oregon Olive Trees

Meet Carmen


Carmen is our new President / CEO.  Carmen is a university graduate in Graphics Art, with a minor in Marketing.  Hopefully she will whip us all into better shape in 2010.  At the very least train us in Dreamweaver.

Meet Rosie


Rosie (on the left) is our latest "salvage cat" field services trainee.  Tigger has been tasked with showing Rosie the ropes, and how to live off the fat of the land:

No, Tigger, no!  That's not what I meant!


Rosie was born a feral cat; but Sara brought Rosie home and locked Rosie in her bedroom for three days.  When both finally emerged, Rosie was the perfect house cat…  unfortunately.   David is now attempting to retrain her as a mouser.



Meet the Reken's


Karl and Hanna Reken own "The Reken Estate", as we fondly call it.  Karl had a 30 year plan in the 1970's for pinot noir grapes, but in 2005 this was replaced with a 500 year plan for olive trees.  Here they are in 2010 with their favorite Coratina olive tree, which had six pounds of olives on it, with another 495 years to go, according to The Plan!